Friday, September 7, 2012

Address and phone number

This week we were learning about our address and phone numbers. Having the kids have a visual, as well as a craft was a great idea. I also had some other "learning" hidden within! 

First we did our address. The kids got to colour all the SHAPES it takes to make a house. So, we were doing a shapes theme as well! 

I drew out all of the shapes onto a piece of paper. Got some glue, scissors and crayons for everyone to use. 

Then the kids coloured all of their shapes. After they were done colouring they wrote their address on the house. The older kids cut their shapes out, and I helped the younger ones. After the shapes were cut out, we glued them together on another piece of paper. 

After that we talked about our house, and our address throughout the day! 

Today we talked about our phone numbers. What kid doesn't like pretending to be on the phone. So, I decided that we should make our own phones. 

First I drew out the phones (we have iphones, so we used that!). I drew a front and back for each child. Then cut out a piece of cardboard the same size as the papers. (yes, these ones are to scale!). 

Then, as the kids sat at the table, I asked them to read out their phone number, while looking at their "phone". 

After that we coloured both pieces of paper. 

And then glued them to the cardboard. 

And now, they have their own phones to play with and practice their phone numbers! (numbers are written on the paper, just taken out for the blog!)

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