Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall trees

With Fall right around the corner, our community is very golden, and full of falling leaves. The kids are so excited, because with fall comes things like Thanksgiving, and Halloween! (and of course, closer to Christmas). So, today we did something that I try to do each year- just so I have them all to keep! We made hand/finger print trees. The kids love doing this, because they get to get messy!

Early this morning, I painted their hands, and down their arms a bit- in brown. Then we pressed them onto the paper. While we let those dry, we read some fall books and sang some fall songs. We talked about all the exciting things that fall brings!

Once the tree trunks and branches (their hands) were dry, we set to work to make it look more like fall!

While we put the paint out, we talked about fall colours. And then, once each child had their "pallet" they started putting their finger prints on their trees!

They all have a great time watching their hand print become a tree, and also getting very messy!

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