Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today we did Canadian Flags. These are easy and fun for the kids to make!

First I gathered everything we would need. White paper (we used finger paint paper- but any white paper will do), cut strips of red paper, red finger paint, and glue

Then I had the kids glue the strips of red paper onto the sides of the white paper.

After that, we painted one hand red- for the maple leaf!

And then we had our flags!!

You could do this with the American Flag as well (or other world flags). With the American flag, get the kids to glue strips of red paper onto the white paper, and then a blue square in the corner. Then they could use white finger paint and put their fingerprints on as the stars!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Canada Day

This week we are doing Canada Day crafts. Today we started with a wreath for the door (or where ever!).

I got everything ready by cutting out a circle, you can do this with paper, cardboard, construction paper etc. Then cut a smaller circle out of the middle of that! After that is done, cut out 2 maple leafs per child- one large enough to fit in the centre of the circle, and the other small enough to fit on the beaver. Yes- Beaver- then draw and cut out a beaver!

The I collected our items to decorate- the kids wanted to colour their pictures today, but you could use piece of red paper- like a collage, paint, markers etc. We needed tape, and a piece of string as well!

Then I explained that Friday is Canada's birthday. And that on our flag we have a maple leaf- which is red. And that our Animal is a beaver. We then coloured the circle and the leafs red, and the beaver brown.

Then we used the tape to tape the beaver onto the wreath, then the small leaf onto the beaver, and then with string, we attached the larger leaf in the middle of the circle.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fathers's Day crafts

So, this past week, we have been working on our father's day crafts. I thought I would share some here, to give some idea's for Father's day.

We started by making day out tickets. First I cut a ticket shape out of paper, and then had the kids draw/color things on it that they like doing with their dads, things that they could do on a special day with just dad!

Then we made Finger paintings for them. I wrote World's Best Dad, or #1 Dad on finger paint paper, and let them go at it!

We also made frames for the finger paintings. I cut the frame part out of paper, and then a bunch of different colored shapes from other paper to make a mosaic.

We also made our dad's pencil/pen holders for their desks. We used baby food jars, but you could use toilet paper rolls, cans, things like that. I cut solid colored pieces of magazine paper (ripped out of an old magazine). Then mixed brown paint with glue and water. Then we used the brown glue mixture to glue the papers to the baby food jar. Then added another coat on top. Giving it a faux leather look to the pencil jar!

(the last/finished picture they are still drying, so they are upside down, because that is the easiest way to let the kids do it- put the jar on a piece of paper upside down and give them the paper and brushes!)

And today we made the cards for our dad's. I wrote different poems about dad's and children on the front of a folded card. Then inside, I helped them make a heart with their foot prints. I painted each child's feet- and if you do them "on the wrong foot/backwards" you will have a heart. Think left foot on the right side, and right on the left side! Once those dry, the kids can decorate the cards with markers, stickers, etc! And the older ones can write their names!

And, for a gift bag for all of our gifts for Dad, we will be coloring, and decorating paper bags!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!