Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall painting fun

Today, I just felt like it was time to make a mess! Getting dirty is fun for kids! And of course, what a great sensory experience! Today, our choice was finger paint- and LOTS of it (I have no idea when these will be dry!)

When you are going to use a ton of paint in one project, make sure you have thick enough paper! We used finger paint paper! 

This is fun, easy and makes a beautiful picture- you can do it for any season/holiday with those certain colours. Because it is fall, and we are enjoying watching the leaves change on the trees, and fall to the ground- we made our final project into a tree! 

Like I said- EASY! I gave each child a piece of finger paint paper, and some fall coloured finger paints! Then they went to work! 

While they worked, I cut out the tree trunk. (you can do this with their hand prints- but, we were already messy, so we just did cut outs!)

Once the kids were done painting all over the sheet, we folded the paper in half and pressed down- giving it a bit of "layers" with the colours, and also a neat "texture".  Then, wait until they are dry enough to cut out. 

We cut these into tree shapes and then glued the trunk on the front of the painting! (and then again, wait until they are completely dry!)

Fabulous Fall Fun! 

The other day, we also made these Halloween Decorations- with our feet and hands! 

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