Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Canada Day

We live in Canada, and this weekend it will be Canada day. So, today, we made Canada Flags and talked a bit about Canada. 

Canada's flag is really, really easy. (well if you don't have to draw out the maple leaf!). But, we used handprints! 

First thing we did was trace out our hands on red paper, and then cut them out, along with a bunch of pieces of red paper! We got the glue, and white paper and started working! 

First the kids glued their hand print to the middle of the paper. 

Then, they started gluing on all the little red pieces to the side, collage style. 

And now, we have our Canada Flags for Canada day! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Messy fun

Today was a very cloudy, rainy day. Thankfully, when we pulled out our popsicle stick for the day, it said to make play-dough! We thought, to make it better we would add some of our favourite summer drink mixes- so we added Iced Tea mix and Lemonade mix. What fun! The kids helped make the play dough by adding all the ingredients, then I mixed in the boiling water and food colouring! Once it was done, they played with it for over an hour, then placed it in their own bags to have for later!

While we were out yesterday, we found bean seeds. So, today we also planted our bean seeds. The kids loved playing with the dirt, and poking their seeds into the dirt! We can't wait to watch them grow! We added ours just to dirt in the clear cups. But, you can also do the wet paper towels too. I LOVE the dirt disks (as we call them around our house). You just add water and they blow up into soil! The kids love watching that happen too! Now, we wait to see what happens!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Today, Danika asked me (Again), how many more days until we go to grandma's house. So, I decided we would make a countdown.

First we cut enough strips of paper. Then we numbered them from 0 (the day we go to Grandma's) to 27 (number of days). Danika wrote all these out- so we were counting, and working on writing numbers.

After we had all the numbers on the strips of paper, we made a paper chain. Each day, we will rip on of the links off!

Friday, June 22, 2012

summer garden magnets

Yesterday was the first full day of summer and the kids and I spent the day outside, at the park and in the yard! Today, we went back to the park, but we did it in between making our craft for the day!

Today we made summer garden magnets. I found these flower and butterfly popsicle stick type things at Walmart, and had to buy them! We used those, a strip of cardboard, paint, and bingo markers. We also used magnets, double sided scrapbooking tape, a clothes pin and the glue gun!

First, the kids painted the strip of cardboard green- for the grass. And then we used the bingo markers on the flowers and butterflies. (while those all dried, we went to the park!)

Once they were dry, we used the double sided tape to put them together- the sticks behind the strip of paper. And then we used the hot glue gun to put on the magnets and the clothes pin. And then started using them on the fridge right away!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer vacation

As I sat at the preschool today, waiting for my daughter to be done school for the year, and for summer vacation to begin. I heard many different "opinions" on the fact that summer vacation is here already. I heard some parents talking about how excited they were to have all of this "free time". I heard parents that were already wondering when school begins again. But, the most common thing I heard was parents asking each other, "What are you going to do with them ALL summer?". And, not to my surprise, many of the answers were- "I don't know!"

So, I decided to come home and write. Not about a craft we did today, because it was finally a nice day so we spent some time outside, so we didn't even do a craft. But, I wanted to share with you my plans for our summer vacation. 

The first thing that I need to mention is that I only work 3 days a week. So, the other two, I try to do something with my kids too. So, for the first thing that I am going to mention, I have that worked into the equation. 

As some of you know, I am pretty crafty, and for the most part I get a theme/idea in my head and run with it for craft ideas. BUT, when I am stumped, or ( I will say it) lazy. I go on the computer and pull something up. Now, about a year ago, it was just googling the theme and kids crafts, or things to do with kids. But, now there is this fancy thing (which my husband hates for many reasons) PINTEREST. Yes, I will admit, I use it- a lot! Mainly for decor ideas and recipes. But for kid things too. And this is where my first summer fun idea sort of came from. 

I had read about the summer bucket lists, and the popsicle stick with activities on them. I decided to combine them, and make it for our family. I don't have a picture right now, but it isn't hard to picture. I wrote a list of things to do this summer. Then I got an old coffee can, some different coloured popsicle sticks and a marker- along with my list. I had 3 different coloured popsicle sticks for the different times of the week- like I mentioned above. I had one colour for weekdays when the other kids are here, one for weekdays when it is just us, and then one for weekends. 

For each colour of popsicle stick there is a different list of what we can do. For the weekend, or weekdays when it is just us I have things like the zoo, science centre, library, going to the mountains etc. Things we like to do around our city. Then, on the ones with the other kids here I have fun craft type things- like making goop, liquid sidewalk chalk, going on a picnic, to the water park etc. I wrote all of the items on the popsicle sticks, and then placed them in one coffee can. 

The idea is, each night before bed (or before the other kids go home depending on which night it is), we will pick a popsicle stick. What ever that popsicle stick says, we will be doing the next day. I have enough popsicle sticks for the whole summer (some items are marked down a few times- like the zoo). And, then it can also be used as a countdown for when school starts again. 

We have also been doing friday night pizza and movie night, which we make homemade pizza and watch a movie. With the summer here, that will be changed into sub sandwiches, or hot dogs- something more summery- and we will have a picnic on the living room floor while watching our movie! 

I did get some of our other activities from pinterest, and wanted to share those, because really, when you look at them, you will want to do them too! 

making a DVD colouring case

having a glow in the dark bath

making play dough

making goop

liquid sidewalk chalk

magnetic puzzles

making popsicles

And of course, many many more! It is a good idea, not only to keep the kids busy, and having fun, but to keep myself organized, and busy too! I know sometimes without anything really going on, we can get in a slump of sitting around. So, now, I can hopefully avoid the "I'm bored" on our first of many summer vacations! 

(this is sort of what I did- but with the explanation above!)

Happy summer everyone! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Art wall

I am like every other mom (and dad) out there, looking at all these crafts that the kids make, wondering how to display them. The fridge can only hold so much stuff. And, there are some pieces that you want to have up for a longer time.

I have tried a few different ways, none of them just right for where I have my "art wall" in the house. I have been scouring pinterest trying to find something that is perfect for our area. And, I found it. I did find it on pinterest, and followed that too here. She has a few other good ideas as well.

But, here is what mine turned out like...
It was so easy, and so cheap too! I got the clipboards from the dollar store ($4 total), I also bought black paint there too (just a small bottle- which was $1). Then I had to go to walmart for the letters- they were $1.50 each- so $4.50. Then I bought the 3M velcro stuff to hold the letters on (the stuff that just pulls and peels away from the wall when you are done with it)- I bought a bulk pack of the stuff because I love it! I only used 3 though- for the letters, the clipboards are hanging on pins so I can take them down. So, the whole thing was probably about $11! I wanted them to be black, but you could get it to match anything in your house!

I am also going to use the idea with the IKEA curtain wire (here), but at the top of our stairs with some other stuff (I will post that when I do it too!). I have done this before, and loved it! I am going to put it at the kids level so they can change it!

And, if you are looking for a way to remember it all, without keeping it all (some stuff is on the larger, awkward size)- try to take a picture of each item with your child as they bring it home, or do it. then, each year, or so, you can make a photo book of all the things they have made!

Paper fans

Today is a cloudy day, but it is hot! We are in the house because it is threatening to rain, but with it being so warm we have the fans going. That gave me an idea. We made paper fans! 

First I cut some paper, got the markers, popsicle sticks and tape. 

The kids first coloured on their piece of paper. 

After they were done with their artwork, we folded the paper, accordion style. 

Then, we taped the bottom together and taped on two popsicle sticks. One on either side. (I also added a piece of tape at the bottom of the sticks to keep them together too!

 And now we have a personal paper fan!