Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dancing Dragon

Today, we were still talking about Chinese New Year. We were talking about the Dancing Dragons. So, of course, we made some! 

First I drew the head, tail and feet of the dragon. Then cut some strips of paper. Got some glue, crayons, and popsicle sticks. I also cut out "fire"- since yesterdays dragon didn't have any and the kids were upset! 

The kids started by colouring the dragon's head, tail, and feet. 

Then, they cut them out. 

After that we fan folded the red strip of paper. And started gluing on the head, tail, and feet. 

Once all of that was glued on, we taped on the popsicle sticks. 


Once they are dry, the kids will have dancing dragon puppets! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chinese New Year Dragons

Today we were talking about Chinese New Year. We had the opportunity on the weekend to see a dragon dance (we were actually at a local pet store and they were doing it!). So, we decided to make our own dragons today. 

First, I got everything ready. I cut the egg cartons, collected some shape stickers, crayons, glue, and cut out some wing shapes and a tongue shape. And we also used the little folding pin things- my brain is not working right now, so I can not think of the name. But we used them to put the head on- you know the one, you push it in, and then the end bends two ways so the head can move still! 

First the kids decorated the egg cartons with stickers. 

Then they coloured the wings, and head. 

After that we glued on the tongue and wings, and added some sticker eyes. 

Then we attached the head with the pin thing! 

And here are their egg carton dragons

Friday, January 20, 2012


So, I can't take the credit for this craft. I saw it on pinterest, and just had to do it with the kids. 

First we got our popsicle makers out from the cupboard, where they spend their winter. (make sure you have a stand or something for them, and room in the freezer, because you don't put the "lids" on them).

And then we put a few drops of food colouring in each one. You could colour mix too- but we kept it simple today. 

After that, we added some water to each one. Then took a piece of string, folded it in half and put the mid section in the water- leaving the ends out. 

Then, we put them in the freezer. 

Tomorrow morning when we get up, we will take them out. Tie the strings, and then hang them from the tree in the front yard. Then, as the weather warms up, we can watch them melt, and leave the colours on the snow in the yard! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today- it is cold. Like really, really cold. So, we decided to make a winter colour collage. 

The first thing I did, was get everything ready. I ripped up different colours of paper- blues, white, purple. (older kids could help with that too). Then got the glue, and a piece of paper for each of them to glue their papers onto. 

Then, we set to work. With the younger ones, I find it is easier to put glue all over their paper and then have them put the papers on. The older ones can do that part easily! Basically, the craft is gluing papers onto another paper! But, they love it. 

Because it is winter, and winter is sparkly, once we were done with the papers, we added more glue, and sparkles! 

Once these are dry, I will put them in a picture frame that is on the wall in the house! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bear puppet

Well, we are back, after a nice holiday! 

Today, we were talking about polar bears, and with that came some bear puppets! We talked about all the different colours that bears could be, and then went to work making our own bear! 

First I traced out the shapes onto the paper. And gathered everything we would need, crayons, glue, scissors, tape, and a straw (you could use popsicle sticks, our bears were just pretty tall, so we went for the straws to hold them up). 

The kids coloured their bears first. Bryce's had to be blue, because we were recently at Build a bear where he made a blue bear! 

Then the older kids cut out their shapes, and I helped the younger ones. 

After the shapes were cut out, we started gluing together the shapes, to form our bears! 

Then, we taped the straws to the back of the bear! 

 And now, the kids are ready to play with their Bear puppets!