Friday, November 16, 2012

Snow Family Plaque

It has been a VERY long time since I posted any crafts. We got very busy, and then had a computer issue! Now that things have calmed down, and the computer is fixed, we are back! I am happy about this, because we are getting to my favourite time of year- for many reasons, and one is because of the crafts that we do together! 

Today and this coming week, we are focusing on Snow people. Then we will move into our Christmas crafts! I don't want to rush the holidays, but there are so many things to do, and so much fun to be had! So, we will be starting out holiday fun on Monday November 26th. We decorate our house on the weekend closest to the 26th, and that will be when the fun crafts and activities begin. 

As I mentioned, today we made a snow people plaque. The kids love this and it is a great addition to the decorations around the house. We needed one circle made from paper, and one from cardboard- we used cereal boxes. Then, I traced their fingers for the snow family. To make sure this fit on the circle, I traced half circles with the same plate I used for the big circles. Then I traced their fingers in the middle of the circle, and made a "hill" connecting them to the half circle. Then we cut those out. 

You will also need some markers, glue and something to hang the plaque- like ribbon! 

The kids first glued the snow family to the paper circle, and then they decorated their snow family. After that they did the "winter sky"- with snow flakes.

Once they are done decorating, we glued that circle onto the cardboard circle. Then we wrote "There is SNOW place like HOME" on it, and added the ribbon to hang them with! 

The kids thought it was very cool that their fingers made the snow family! Each child has 4 people in their family, so we only did 4- but of course you could trace as many fingers as you needed to make your own family!