Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This week we are talking about summer foods. Today, we started with watermelon.

First I got things together. Cut out a watermelon shape. And got together red, green and black paint. Then I asked the kids to guess which summer food we were making.

Then we went to it- even the younger ones can do it!

I talked with the older kids and we talked about where the colours go- green around the edge for the "skin" (as they called it), red for the "juicy part" and then black seeds!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fun with paint

Today, we just had a fun with paint day. I got out the paints and sponge stampers (which you can make with sponge that you cut, or buy the shapes!). While the kids we stamping and painting, we talked about colours, shapes, numbers, and more! They loved learning about mixing the colours too!

While I have you all here, I wanted to talk about something close to me. The light the night walk. It is a walk to raise money for blood cancers. As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2009, and when my kids were 6 months old and 2.5 years. It was a horrible time, but thanks to research, great doctors and an amazing stem cell donor match with my brother, I am still around, and doing great.

Each year they hold a light the night walk http://www.lightthenight.ca/
My family and I have walked in this walk since before I was diagnosed, walking with my husbands cousin. We are raising money for the walk here...http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=1111969&langPref=en-CA&Referrer=direct%2fnone

And, if you would like, there is a scentsy party being held online until July 31--- here is the info...
The party will be OVER on Sunday July 31, so if you would like to order anything, please do so before then.

I have placed a couple orders, and I am so happy with the service, and the product. Just to give those of you who don't know what it is an idea- it is a wickless, safe way to have amazing scents that you would get from scented candles- but they last much longer, and have a better smell. I ordered the mid sized warmer pack- it came with 3 packages of scents. Each package of scents has 8 blocks in it- and I have had each of those last up to 2 weeks (and it smells in my whole house!). You burn one block at a time. So- the 3 packages will last a long time!

They also have other items- I have also ordered the room sprays, which I love. The scent packs- which I have in the bathroom, since I can't use the plug in ones (a friend has the plug in one, and LOVES it!). The scent packs can also be used in children's rooms with the scent buddy, which would be a great gift! I also have the scent tins, I put them in the car- and love those as well!

These items are great for you to keep at your house/car/bag etc. But also make a good gift, wedding, birthday or Christmas! This month, they are also doing bring back my bar- so there are scents that haven't been available in awhile!

If you are interested in placing an order, you can do so at https://scentswithjoy.scentsy.us/Home
If you are in Canada, just go to the top right corner and change the flag to the Canadian flag. Then- if you are in the US or Canada, you can click on Brianne's Brigade and then shop.

If you have any questions, please let me know. If you know others that are interested, or you think would be interested, please pass on the link! (or this email).

As for the donation part, the lady who is "hosting" the party, will be donating her commissions directly to Brianne's Brigade for the light the night walk. She makes 25% in commissions, and is donating all 25% of what is ordered (so 25 % of what you purchase will be donated).

The party can not be extended past the 31st of July. So, if you would like to order, you can do so before the 31st. This will give her time to get her commissions and donate them to the light the night walk before the walk.

thank you to all of you for reading, and enjoying the crafts that we do!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Handprint suns

Today was a beautiful summer day. So, we made handprint suns. These are super easy and the kids love making them.

First I got together the finger paint, finger painting paper, and a paint brush. Then I cut out sunglass, and hat shapes out of paper and got some glue.

Then we painted our hands with the yellow paint, and put them onto the paper. We did this numerous times around the paper in a circle- having the palms overlap!

Then the kids glued on the sunglasses and hat!

And then we had some sunny suns!

Ocean mobile

Last week, we finished the week making an ocean mobile. The kids tested my abilities on this one. To get started, I asked each of them what their 2 favorite ocean creatures were. I was told a star fish, fish, shark, octopus, turtle and sea horse! So, yes, I drew all of those out, as well as a base circle! Then I collected everything else. Markers, pipe cleaners, string, scissors, and a hole punch (you could just tape it together as well).

The kids decorated the ocean creatures...

Then we punched holes in the circle and the creatures. Then placed the pipe cleaners through the circle and added a string for hanging!

After that was done, we tied strings to the animals, and tied them onto the ends of the pipe cleaners. Then, they could hang them up for a nice ocean mobile!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grabby Crab

This week we are talking about sea life. Today, we were talking about crabs. So, we made "Grabby Crab"!

To make a grabby crab, you will need paper in the shape of a crab (or a circle)- we used finger paint paper, but you can use a piece of red paper, or if you want to colour or paint it use white! If you are painting, you will need the paint and supplies- we finger painted! You can draw the face on, or let them. Then to the side of the face you will need to punch two holes. Then you need 8 popsicle sticks, we have red ones so we used those, but you can use regular and paint or colour them red. You also need clothes pins- we had regular ones, so we also needed markers to colour them. Then, you also need red pipe cleaners and tape!

First, I let the kids finger paint the crab shape...

Then we coloured the clothes pegs...

After the clothes pegs were coloured, we put on the pipe cleaners. Insert the pipe cleaner into the spring part, and then twist. After that, do the same thing in the holes in the crab (to attach to the crab)

Then it is time to attach the rest of the crabs legs- put tape on the popsicle sticks, and tape them to the back of the crab.

Then you have a grabby crab!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chuck wagon


Chuck wagon's were on today's agenda!

To make a chuck wagon you need a box- we used the small cereal boxes (if you want a bigger chuck wagon you can use a kleenex box!)- make sure the box is not too flat. I covered the boxes with white paper. Got the paper ready for the top of the wagon- make sure it fits to make the dome! Then cut wheels, and got things ready for them to decorate with- markers, stickers etc. I also cut a piece of string, long enough for them to be able to pull the chuck wagon!

I first let the kids colour the wagon part...

Then I let them colour the top of the wagon and add the stickers to that...

Then we taped on the top of the wagon on. I put tape on either side of the paper, and we taped that onto the tops of both sides of the box...

After the top was taped on, it was time for wheels...

Once the wheels were on, we taped the string on, so they kids could pull them, and have chuck wagon races! I find that if you put a knot in the string, and then the tape, the string doesn't pull through the tape when it is pulled!

Then we have our chuck wagons, and are ready to race!!!

You can make these into any type of vehicle, and use anything to decorate them- just remember if you are doing some sort of top- make sure whatever you decorate with isn't too heavy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

cowboy hats

Stampede starts in Calgary this week. So, we are going to be doing some stampede/cowboy related crafts! Today we did some cowboy hats. They are really easy, and can be done by all, and can be decorated in many ways!

To do this craft, you need the hat shape- in our case, cowboy hats! Then strips of paper to make the head band. Tape to stick the head bands together and what ever you want to decorate the hat! We used markers, crayons, feathers and a sheriff star. I made the sheriff star out of a foam sheet.

Then the kids coloured their hats, while I was making the bands by putting two of the black strips together with tape, and then measuring each of their heads- and securing it with tape. (remember to put each child's name on the band, so you don't forget who's is who's since they will be different sizes!)

After they were done colouring, we started decorating- gluing on the star and feathers.

When those were dry, we taped them onto the head bands.

Monday, July 4, 2011


This is a great recycling craft! You use your old egg cartons. Just make sure if you are using the styrofoam ones that you use permanent markers or crayons because washable markers and paint will come off!

First I gathered everything we needed for the craft- the egg carton (you can cut them to smaller sizes if you would like, but I just had the two kids, so they each got a 6 piece caterpillar!), paint, pipe cleaners, glue, and googly eyes. (the glue and googly eyes are not in the picture!)

The kids had a great time finger painting the egg carton!

After they were done painting them, we glued on the eyes, and put the pipe cleaners in! I cut two small holes on the top of the caterpillars head, then once they put the pipe cleaner in, we bent them back a bit (you could tape them too).

Then we let them dry! They could take awhile depending on how much paint the kids put on them!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Canada Flag

Celebrating Canada Day, we made Canada flags with our hand prints!!!

First I got together everything we needed. A piece of white paper (we used finger paint paper, but any white paper will do), and 2 strips of red paper, red finger paint and a brush- plus glue! The kids can cut the red strips too!

Then we glued the red strips onto the sides of the paper!

And then painted our hands red...

And then we had our flags!!

You can do things like this with any flag. For the USA one, you could cut strips of red paper, and a blue square. Glue them onto the white paper and have the kids use white finger paint and their fingerprints for the stars!!!

Happy Canada Day- and Independence Day!!!