Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yay! Another holiday is here. I love doing crafts with the kids, but really enjoy it when it is for a holiday! So, we were all very excited to get started on some Easter crafts this week.

I didn't have time to post yesterday, so there are two in this post.

The first one is a hatching chick. You can do this many ways, and with many different supplies, but this is what we used. A piece of finger paint paper cut in an egg shape. A piece of yellow construction paper cut in an egg shape as well (with a chick face drawn on it- because this will be the hatched chick!). Finger paint, glue, and markers.

We also used some paper fasteners too!

First the kids coloured the chick.

And then we finger painted the egg, using some Spring colours

After those dried, we cut the "egg", and glued the chick onto the bottom part of the egg.

Using the paper fasteners, we put the top and bottom of the egg back together, so it can open and shut.

TaDa, all the kids hatching eggs!

And then today, we made handprint chicks. These can be changed for many different "characters" in different seasons, just using different items and colours! 

We used yellow construction paper cut into circles (each child will need 2). Orange construction paper cut into a triangle for a beak, and some feet for the chick. We also added some feathers. And you will need some yellow finger paint to do the wings. And also a piece of white paper to glue it all onto! 

We first glued the yellow circles onto the paper. One on top of the other.

Then, we glued on the feet and the beak.

And added some feathers!

The kids used a marker to draw on the face of their chick.

And then we painted our hands to do the wings.

And then we have some hand print chicks!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pot O Gold

St. Patricks Day is this weekend. So, of course, we started the crafts that we want to do to celebrate. While I was getting things together, I went to explain what St. Patricks day is to the kids. Then, Danika and Landon spoke up and told me that their teacher at preschool told them already. They told me that she said, "The leprechaun comes in your house, makes a mess and leaves the kids coins"- UM WHAT! Now, we have to leave them coins- when did this start! So, I am not sure what I am going to do- maybe chocolate coins if I can find some. But we will see!

Today, we were making pot of gold! Complete with rainbow. I got everything ready to begin. I cut the pot of gold, colours for the rainbow, and the coins. I also made a shamrock for each of the kids to put on too. This was an easy craft, but the kids love it!

First they had to glue the rainbow together. This was good for the older kids, because we talked about going from biggest to smallest, colours, and other colours in the rainbow.

Then we glued on the pot!

And then to complete the pot o gold, we added the gold pieces and the shamrock!

Ta Da! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Paper bag Penguins

So, continuing with our Penguin theme this week, we made Paper bag Penguins the other day. The kids LOVED making this easy craft, and had an even better time playing with them!

First I cut the strips of paper that we needed to cover the bag, and cut out a big white circle for the belly, and two smaller ones for eyes. I also cut a triangle for the beak, and some feet!

The kids started by gluing the head and body on- the black strips. Then glued on the white circle for the belly. 

After that they glued on the beak, and the eyes- which they coloured before. And finally the feet! 

After they dried the kids put on a wonderful puppet show! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This week, we are talking about penguins. We were going to conclude with a trip to the zoo to see the penguins, but they just arrived a month ago, and there is still a large line to visit them! So, that is still up in the air! But, we are still talking about penguins and doing crafts with them!

So today, we were going to make water bottle penguins, but a little someone got into my cotton balls, and we didn't have enough for all the kids to fill their water bottles, so we switched the idea and used baby food jars!

This craft has the kids doing many different things, and takes a bit of time to get everything ready, but it is all worth it! First I cut out the wings, feet, beaks and a strip of paper for the head. Then I found out cotton balls, googly eyes, feathers, glue, tape, and the baby food jars!

The kids started their penguins by putting the cotton balls in the baby food jar.

Then we glued on the feet, and the wings.

To do the head, we took the strip of paper, and made it into a ring. Then we put it over the lid of the baby food jar. Once that was on, we taped down the back of the head, and the jar- so it would stay! And then we decorated the head by gluing on the googly eyes, beak and some feathers out of the top!

And here are our cast of characters!