Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple Tree

Today we were talking about apples, and apple trees. We talked about all the different colours of apples, and that they are all called different things. The kids thought that was crazy! After finding out that apples grow on trees, we decided to make an apple tree.

First I drew out a bunch of apples on paper. Then I got some paints and sponges ready.
Then I let the kids go crazy with their sponges and the paint.

While the apples were drying, I made a tree out of brown paper, and Danika made some leaves and a pumpkin for around the tree. (she did apples too, I just didn't get a picture of her for some reason). After the apples were dry, we cut them out. And then we taped them to the wall on the tree.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

handprint trees

I have two crafts here as well. There are many ways to do these crafts, and you can do them for any season!

The first one we did was finger paint trees.
I got everything together that we needed- paint, paper- and that is pretty much all! Then I painted the kids hands and we stamped them on the paper. Then with their fingers, they can dip in the red, yellow, orange and brown paint and put their finger prints on the paper for the leaves...

Then today we made fall handprint trees with paper and glue. First I got everything ready. I cut a bunch of leaves out of orange, red, yellow and brown paper. As well as some brown pieces to trace the kids hands on, and cover the toilet paper roll. I cut down paper towel rolls to make the trees a bit bigger! Then I got some crayons and glue.

I traced the kids hands onto a piece of paper (both hands), and then let them colour the square piece that will be the trunk. Once they were done colouring the trunk piece, we put glue on their handprints and they glued the coloured leaves on.

Then we covered the paper towel rolls with the square that they coloured. Cut out the hand prints, and then glued them onto the covered paper towel roll.

I did put a bit of tape on the backs of their handprints, and into the roll to hold them up.

Then we had our handprint trees...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Fun

I thought since I have a couple minutes, I would sit down and post about some of the things we have been doing.

We are talking about Fall right now, so this morning we made a fall colours collage. They are so easy, but let the kids use their imaginations, and inner artist!

First we ripped up a few pieces of paper- red, orange, and yellow. Then got some green paint and a sponge ready. Then we needed some glue and some brown paper to finish our masterpieces!

First the kids glued the ripped up pieces of paper onto the brown one.

Then we took a small amount of green paint and sponged it onto the paper when we were done.

And then we have our fall colours collage.

We were also able to get outside last friday and start collecting leaves for our halloween decorations. I am with everyone else, it is a bit too early for them, but we live in a condo complex, and they come and rake up our leaves. So, we have to get out and get them when we can. Since they started to fall already, we had to use our nice day and do it.

I bought the little ghost bags for the kids, and we made an activity out of it. First finding yellow leaves, then red, orange, brown and then green. The kids had a great time walking around trying to find the different colours!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This is me

Today we made name tags for our coat rack. These name tag type crafts can be used for many different things though.

I first drew out a person shape for each of the kids. For the younger ones, I drew the face, the older ones, I let them draw on the face and hair. The kids have been asking to use the glitter glue for awhile, so, I decided to use those for this craft too. We got out the glitter glue, markers, and then we went through the foam letter stickers to find the initial of each child!
Then I let the kids colour, and us the glitter glue on their pictures, as well as stick their letter sticker on.

Then we had to let them dry (for awhile!)

 Then I hung them up at their coat hooks, as name tags for their hooks.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Timid Turtle

(I have been on holidays, so crafts are starting up this week!!!)

With all the kids going back to school, some get really shy and upset. Others walk right in and don't look back. But, you know, with each and every one of them, they miss their families at least once through the day.

As I was going through one of the craft books I have, I saw a poem for Timid Turtle. So, I thought this would be a great idea. I changed how we did the craft around the poem, and of course, since I was on holidays, my camera was dead- I forgot to charge the battery when I got home. So, I have after pictures- not during.

First I drew out turtles on half a sheet of green paper. A BIG shell, then 4 legs, tail and head. I then cut out one big brown heart shape (so it fits on the back of the turtles shell), and a smaller pink heart. Then I cut up a bunch of brown pieces in all different shapes. I also cut out a family picture- to fit the shell.

I then wrote the poem on the big brown heart.

I first had the kids put glue all over the turtles shell. Then we added the brown pieces of small paper.

Once that was done, we glued on the family picture- on top of the "shell" pieces.

Then we flipped it over and glued the big brown heart onto the area of the shell. Followed by the little pink one.

The kids loved seeing their turtles! I put some packing tape over Danika's and tied it onto her school bag. I don't have a laminator so, using packing tape works well to keep it safe! Now, she will have her family where ever she goes...

The poem reads
"The timid Turtle said,"I don't want to go"
Mama Turtle said, "School is important you know"
Then she gave the timid turtle a special little heart
To show him how much she loves him whenever they're apart"

Friday, September 2, 2011

Letter Trees

Today, I was flying by the seat of my pants with a craft. I hadn't really thought of one. So, I looked outside for inspiration. I actually saw leaves turning yellow, and falling to the ground. So, I thought, with school going back in, and leaves changing colours that it was time to change the art frames that I have up on the walls. So, I combined the changing colours with back to school, and came up with Letter trees. We also read chicka chicka boom boom after we did this! First I drew out a tree for each kid. I drew a big letter in the middle (the first letter of their name), with little ones around it. Then I made the "owl hole" with the letter as well! Then I got the paints ready- the kids really wanted to fingerpaint today, so that is what we did!
Then, I just let them go for it!
After they were done, I put them on a green paper background- I have a few frames in my house that I put the kids art work in for a few months and then change it, so my kids trees will go in those for awhile- that I why they are on the green background!