Thursday, September 13, 2012

More apples

I didn't get time to post yesterdays craft, so I will add it to todays!

We are still talking about apples this week. Yesterday we read some stories about apples, and apple pie! (gave me a craving for sure!)

For yesterdays apple core craft, we needed the cut out apple core pieces (top and bottom with red and core with white!), glue, paper, crayons and a stamp pad (you could use finger paint if you don't have a stamp pad).

First, the kids coloured on their paper. We were talking about other fruits, and of course apples, so they could draw/colour something "fruit" related on their paper.

After we were done with our colouring, we glued the apple core to the paper. And then the top and bottom of the "eaten" apple!

Once the apple core was on the paper- we needed seeds! That is where the stamp pad and the kids finger prints come in! Press one finger into the stamp pad (or black/brown finger paint), and press them onto the core!

Then today we did apple stamping! This was fun, and will be a nice picture to hang on the wall for fall! First thing this morning, I cut 2 apples. 1 of them I just cut in half, and the other into quarters- just to give some different shape! I left them on the counter just to dry out a little bit before we needed them!

At Craft time, I put some finger paint on our paint trays (we use ziplock container lids- they are great!). Just a small amount! So it is stampable, and not a glob of paint on their paper! And I put one apple per colour. We did fall colours!

Then, I just let the kids go to work. We switched colours fairly often, and they often went back for another colour!

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