Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sand fun

Today looks gloomy outside, so we decided to turn the kitchen into some art fun! We sort of did 3 things today, and one will last the whole day!

First thing this morning, I made some coloured salt. I put some salt in small bowls and each bowl also had a piece of chalk. I "mixed" around the bowl of salt, using the chalk. In a few seconds we had coloured salt. You can also put the chalk in a bag with the salt and move it all around.

The first thing we did with the salt was salt pictures. (I told the kids it was coloured sand!)

I got some glue, paper and the salt.

They drizzled the glue all over their papers- older kids might make a design.

And then we dropped the sand all over the paper. Once it dries it will be a rainbow of colours on the paper!

With the left over sand, we put them into baby food jars, for a nice decoration!

After that was done, we pulled out the long paper roll. I taped it to the floor and had each child lay down on the paper. I traced around them, and then they went to work decorating their bodies. They have gone back and forth a few times now, playing, colouring, playing, colouring! They will be on the floor in the kitchen for most of the day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Scribbles

Today, we just had fun with craft! The kids thought it was so silly to make these scribble frames, they had a great time!

First I cut some butterfly shapes out of paper (you can do this with any shape)- make sure to fold the paper over and not cut to the edge, so it can be used as a frame. Remember, you are using the paper you cut from, not the actual shape you cut out. And, that was pretty much all I needed to do! I put the crayons, and paper on the table and let the kids start colouring.

They just have to scribble all over the page. They could draw something too, but we just scribbled!

Then we glued the cut out "frame" to the page! 

We are going to put ours in the glass frames we have on the wall! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April showers

It is not raining here today, but we have been talking about April Showers bring May Flowers. And today we were talking about how ducks like the rain! So, we decided to make some ducks playing in the rain.

First I collected some paper, yellow paint, paint brush and markers.

Then we painted one foot from each of the kids. We stamped that on the paper 2 times- Ducks need friends too!

After those were dry, the kids decorated the page, drawing the rest of the duck, making a pond and rain for them to play in!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It has been a whirlwind of a week, so I have a few Easter crafts here, to finish them up in one post! The kids have been very busy, and are getting very excited for all the easter fun!

First we made easter egg gardens. I drew out a bunch of eggs on the back of some finger paint paper. We also used white wax crayons, glue, paint and a piece of green paper.

First the kids coloured with the white wax crayon on the front of the paper (the eggs were drawn on the back). Then they started painting over the crayon. I put the eggs on the back so the kids wouldn't see what they were doing, they just scribbled with the white crayon. And, they painted the whole page- on the front, so the eggs would have different colours!

After those dried, we cut out the eggs, and were surprised at all the different colours on each egg. After they were cut out, we glued them to the paper, and added some Easter stickers.

We also made handprint bunnies. We used finger paint, markers, and finger paint paper for this.

The kids painted one hand first.

After they dried, we drew the bunny around the hand print, added an Easter basket and then coloured some eggs, chocolate etc on the paper.

(The fingers are the ears, the palm is the face, and the thumb is the tail)

And today, we made toilet paper roll bunnies. We used toilet paper rolls, pink napkins (you can use any napkin), paint (you can use what ever colour, we used pink to match the napkins), glue and green paper, cut in a length of about 1.5 inches- including the "grass" cut at the top.

First we painted the toilet paper roll- to about 3/4 of the way up.

And then added the "grass" to the part that was not painted.

Then, with the napkins, we pushed them into the top of the toilet paper roll to make the ears.

We also glued on googly eyes, and when they are dry, we will use a marker to draw on the nose, mouth, and whiskers!