Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This week, we are talking about apples. It is back to school, and outside is starting to look like fall. So, bring it all on- apple pies, falling leaves, beautiful colours etc. I have to admit, I think Fall is my favourite season.

Today we made some apple sun catchers. I have been looking for clear sticky type paper for a long time. I ended up finding clear book cover type stuff- or shelf liner at walmart. So, I bought this huge roll!

For our craft, I cut out apple "frames" with red construction paper. And then 2 squares of the sticky paper- big enough to cover the apple frame. I also had small brown pipe cleaners for the stems, and red and yellow paint!

First, we stuck the apple frame to one square of sticky paper. Then we painted the sticky side, don't worry about staying in the frame- you cut the excess off!

After they were done finger painting, we added the stem. And then topped it off with another sticky paper square. Then did the trimming.

Unless you have paint gushing out the sides (try to use paint sparingly), you can hang them in the window right away!

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