Friday, July 13, 2012

Food fun

Today, again, I am posting about two crafts that we have done this week. The first one took a little more time and effort, but was well worth it.

First, we made watermelon fans. The kids love using as many craft items as they possibly can! And this one used many! We had cardboard, cut into a watermelon shape, and also a piece of paper in the same shape. A popsicle stick, paint, and glue!

First, we put glue on the back of the cardboard watermelon shape, and glued on the stick and the piece of paper.

After that was all glued on, we painted the green and red parts of the watermelon.

And then, of course, we had to add seeds- so we used our fingerprints! (The picture for this will not show up- but you can imagine what it looks like!)

And, yes, they worked to help beat the heat!

The craft we did today was pudding painting! I wanted the colours to come off the kids, and for it to be brighter, so I used pudding and powdered paint. The kids are old enough to know not to eat it- but if you have a younger child, you can use pudding and food colouring! I only had powdered pudding mix (vanilla), so we mixed the pudding mix with milk first, and then added the paint. It still needed a bit of liquid, so we used water. The kids loved the smell, and had a great time- they all did multiple paintings! Some of the kids didn't leave the table until most of the paint was gone! (oh, you could use brushes, but we just did good old fashion finger painting!)