Friday, August 31, 2012

My Letter

The kids are going back to school next week. And the oldest are going into kindergarten. Although they know the letters in their name, it always makes a fun craft. The younger ones are going to go into a preschool type program at the rec centre, so we are working on their letters, numbers and name.

Today, we are having our end of summer holidays party. We made a cake- which didn't quite turn out- so we are doing "cake sundaes" where they will get some broken up cake, icing and sprinkles and can make their own in a bowl! We are also going out for lunch- McDonalds of course, so we can play too! And for our craft, what a nice addition to a party- FINGER PAINT!

This craft really didn't take any time at all to set up. And, if you don't have finger paint, then you can just paint! I would NOT recommend using construction paper though, because it might rip.

First, I taped out each child's letter (that begins their name). Don't squish it down to the paper, just lightly put it on- but make sure it is on- does that make sense!?

Then, get them their finger paint!

Once they have painted all over the whole paper, you can slowly peel off the tape. (I have done this before, a long time ago- and found the sooner you take the tape off, the better.)

Then let it dry!

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