Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall painting fun

Today, I just felt like it was time to make a mess! Getting dirty is fun for kids! And of course, what a great sensory experience! Today, our choice was finger paint- and LOTS of it (I have no idea when these will be dry!)

When you are going to use a ton of paint in one project, make sure you have thick enough paper! We used finger paint paper! 

This is fun, easy and makes a beautiful picture- you can do it for any season/holiday with those certain colours. Because it is fall, and we are enjoying watching the leaves change on the trees, and fall to the ground- we made our final project into a tree! 

Like I said- EASY! I gave each child a piece of finger paint paper, and some fall coloured finger paints! Then they went to work! 

While they worked, I cut out the tree trunk. (you can do this with their hand prints- but, we were already messy, so we just did cut outs!)

Once the kids were done painting all over the sheet, we folded the paper in half and pressed down- giving it a bit of "layers" with the colours, and also a neat "texture".  Then, wait until they are dry enough to cut out. 

We cut these into tree shapes and then glued the trunk on the front of the painting! (and then again, wait until they are completely dry!)

Fabulous Fall Fun! 

The other day, we also made these Halloween Decorations- with our feet and hands! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall trees

With Fall right around the corner, our community is very golden, and full of falling leaves. The kids are so excited, because with fall comes things like Thanksgiving, and Halloween! (and of course, closer to Christmas). So, today we did something that I try to do each year- just so I have them all to keep! We made hand/finger print trees. The kids love doing this, because they get to get messy!

Early this morning, I painted their hands, and down their arms a bit- in brown. Then we pressed them onto the paper. While we let those dry, we read some fall books and sang some fall songs. We talked about all the exciting things that fall brings!

Once the tree trunks and branches (their hands) were dry, we set to work to make it look more like fall!

While we put the paint out, we talked about fall colours. And then, once each child had their "pallet" they started putting their finger prints on their trees!

They all have a great time watching their hand print become a tree, and also getting very messy!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

More apples

I didn't get time to post yesterdays craft, so I will add it to todays!

We are still talking about apples this week. Yesterday we read some stories about apples, and apple pie! (gave me a craving for sure!)

For yesterdays apple core craft, we needed the cut out apple core pieces (top and bottom with red and core with white!), glue, paper, crayons and a stamp pad (you could use finger paint if you don't have a stamp pad).

First, the kids coloured on their paper. We were talking about other fruits, and of course apples, so they could draw/colour something "fruit" related on their paper.

After we were done with our colouring, we glued the apple core to the paper. And then the top and bottom of the "eaten" apple!

Once the apple core was on the paper- we needed seeds! That is where the stamp pad and the kids finger prints come in! Press one finger into the stamp pad (or black/brown finger paint), and press them onto the core!

Then today we did apple stamping! This was fun, and will be a nice picture to hang on the wall for fall! First thing this morning, I cut 2 apples. 1 of them I just cut in half, and the other into quarters- just to give some different shape! I left them on the counter just to dry out a little bit before we needed them!

At Craft time, I put some finger paint on our paint trays (we use ziplock container lids- they are great!). Just a small amount! So it is stampable, and not a glob of paint on their paper! And I put one apple per colour. We did fall colours!

Then, I just let the kids go to work. We switched colours fairly often, and they often went back for another colour!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This week, we are talking about apples. It is back to school, and outside is starting to look like fall. So, bring it all on- apple pies, falling leaves, beautiful colours etc. I have to admit, I think Fall is my favourite season.

Today we made some apple sun catchers. I have been looking for clear sticky type paper for a long time. I ended up finding clear book cover type stuff- or shelf liner at walmart. So, I bought this huge roll!

For our craft, I cut out apple "frames" with red construction paper. And then 2 squares of the sticky paper- big enough to cover the apple frame. I also had small brown pipe cleaners for the stems, and red and yellow paint!

First, we stuck the apple frame to one square of sticky paper. Then we painted the sticky side, don't worry about staying in the frame- you cut the excess off!

After they were done finger painting, we added the stem. And then topped it off with another sticky paper square. Then did the trimming.

Unless you have paint gushing out the sides (try to use paint sparingly), you can hang them in the window right away!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Address and phone number

This week we were learning about our address and phone numbers. Having the kids have a visual, as well as a craft was a great idea. I also had some other "learning" hidden within! 

First we did our address. The kids got to colour all the SHAPES it takes to make a house. So, we were doing a shapes theme as well! 

I drew out all of the shapes onto a piece of paper. Got some glue, scissors and crayons for everyone to use. 

Then the kids coloured all of their shapes. After they were done colouring they wrote their address on the house. The older kids cut their shapes out, and I helped the younger ones. After the shapes were cut out, we glued them together on another piece of paper. 

After that we talked about our house, and our address throughout the day! 

Today we talked about our phone numbers. What kid doesn't like pretending to be on the phone. So, I decided that we should make our own phones. 

First I drew out the phones (we have iphones, so we used that!). I drew a front and back for each child. Then cut out a piece of cardboard the same size as the papers. (yes, these ones are to scale!). 

Then, as the kids sat at the table, I asked them to read out their phone number, while looking at their "phone". 

After that we coloured both pieces of paper. 

And then glued them to the cardboard. 

And now, they have their own phones to play with and practice their phone numbers! (numbers are written on the paper, just taken out for the blog!)