Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fathers Day

Since I will be on holidays around fathers day, we have been working on fathers day crafts this week. They are all part of a package, where we are doing a little bit each day. So, I will post everything at the end of the week, once I have pictures of all of it. Hope you all have a good week!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flower baskets

This is another craft where you can use a variety of items to come out with crafts that look different each time.

First I cut circles out of Brown paper. Then cut some flower shapes out of foam sheets. I also cut some circles for the centre of the flowers. Then I got the glue and markers together.

I sat the kids down and asked them how they wanted to decorate their flower basket. They chose to colour them with the markers (you could decorate anyway- even weave with strips of paper!)

After they were all done decorating, we put glue on the top half of the circle (basket). And then glued on the flower shapes, and circles for the centre. (You could also make stems- or many more flowers over lapping depending on the type of material you use)

These are good to make as gifts too, for mothers day, birthday's, anniversaries, get well- etc.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seeds, sunflower seeds

Today we talked about seeds, and how they are how a flower starts to grow. So, we made sunflowers with sunflower seeds!

First I got everything ready. I cut circles out of cardboard (a cereal box), plus another circle just out of paper. Then I cut all the flower petals- you can also cut the child's handprint out many times! I got those together with the glue, sunflower seeds and popsicle sticks.

Then I let the kids start gluing on the flower petals around the card board circle.

When they had all the petals on that they wanted, they glued the paper circle onto the cardboard one...

When that was one, we put glue ALL over that, and started placing on the sunflower seeds.

Once those are dried- tip them over a sink or counter and get the seeds off that didn't stick. (we also put some of the squeeze glue over the top of them). Then we taped the popsicle sticks to the back- for the stem. I have green sticks, but you can use any- or paint or color them!

Friday, May 20, 2011

a star filled sky

Today we were playing with glitter glue. So, we decided to make a star filled sky. And there is no better place to watch the stars then on a camping trip.

I cut out shapes that you would see on a camping trip- triangle trees and tent, rectangle tree trunks, circle moon, stars, and I did do tear drops to put together for a fire- but we forgot to use them! Then I got the kids all black paper, glue, and glitter glue (to spread it around more we used a paint brush!)

The kids had a great time gluing their shapes on the paper to make a camp scene. With the younger ones, you can put glue all over the page and let them put the pieces on themselves!

Then have them squirt the glitter glue on (or if you are brave, apply the real glitter). After putting globs of glitter glue on, the kids spread it around with the paint brush!

After everything dries, you are left with a beautiful night sky to star gaze!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today (yes today), we made suncatchers. These do take some prep time, so be aware! It is a good idea to have contact paper, but I didn't, so this is the other way.

First, I cut out many pieces of tissue paper- just into small squares. Then I cut out the frame for the sun catcher. In our case, the boys did spiders and the girls did butterflies. Make sure you have 2 mirrored images of each. Then glue some saran wrap to each of the frames- two pieces per item- one front and one back.

Give those a bit of time to dry.

Then I gathered everything together, including a glue stick.

I put the glue onto the saran wrap, to make it easier for the kids- they were having a hard time spreading it. Then they added the tissue paper pieces.

After they filled the saran area with tissue paper, we stuck the frames together. The older kids did their own, while the younger had some help. We put white glue around the frame area, and then sandwiched them together.

After they dry, cut the access saran wrap (or contact paper), and hang in the window!
(ours weren't completely dry yet- so our saran is still on)

bubble painting

Today (well yesterday), we did bubble painting. The kids had a great time- but be prepared, it was messy!

First I gathered the things we needed- toilet paper rolls- you can cut them smaller to have more "brushes", paper, and paint. I mixed the powdered tempera paint with some liquid dish soap and water.

Then have the children dip the toilet paper roll into the paint- it will cause the same film as on a bubble wand. Then stamp it onto the paper. When the bubble pops it will leave a lighter print than the rim. (I didn't get pictures of this- because, as I said, it gets messy!)

This is the final product- please note it may take awhile for these to dry!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bird puppet

Today we made bird puppets. Paper bag puppets are great for all ages, you can use a variety of items to make this as well. Or, keep it simple and use markers and glue!

First I drew out the Bird shapes and gathered the scissors, glue and markers. Then the kids colored their bird shapes.

After they were done coloring we cut out the shapes. Then we simply glued them onto a paper bag. Gluing the tail and wings onto the back for more of a 3-D image!

You could glue on feathers- even going on a neighbourhood walk in the park to see if you can find any real bird feathers.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers day

Right now, the kids are working on mothers day crafts. A few of the mothers from the dayhome read this, so I can't post! They have been very busy working away, if you want some ideas, let me know and I will send you a message!